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Naxos is the largest and was the most important of the Cyclades, a rich island with a natural environment suitable for the development of farming and stock-raising. Naxos Island, the largest and most fertile island in Cyclades, is probably one of the most attractive and beautiful of the Greek Islands. It combines golden sands with the mountain beauty.

Large enough to be explored, Naxos promises you unforgettable holidays. Over 40 kilometres of beaches, over 40 traditional villages, 500 churches, monuments, archaeological sites, beautiful drive on the mountains, fertile valleys make Naxos Island one of the best holiday destinations in Greece. Due to its size and fertility, Naxos Greece, is one of the most self sufficient islands of Cyclades, with its own production of agricultural and dairy products.

The famous Naxian cheese, potatoes and citrus are just a small example of them. There are plenty of places you can buy Naxian cheese, cheese shops sell some excellent products. Try (and we are sure you will buy) "Kefalotyri", "Anthotyro" and "Ksynotyro".